Hazeldenes Whole Chicken - Size 16

Hazeldenes Whole Chicken - Size 16

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The smell of a roasting chicken has an aroma that fills the house, and makes mouths water!  Easier than you think and an economical meal.

Try this great recipe from Hazeldenes for their Lemon Infused Roast Chicken.

Available fresh daily
Suitable for freezing

Hazeldenes free-range chickens are RSPCA approved, are not fed or administered hormones, are Antibiotic Growth Promotan free, and roam in well-fenced areas outside, which has shown to improve health, gives them Vitamin D from the sun, and is a more humane method of farming.   Hazeldenes is a family business in Central Victoria operating for over 60 years.  Where possible we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing locally (Victoria), at the same time we ensure the freshest products possible.

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